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Robustly constructed from stainless steel, these 7 giant colourful buttons have a pleasingly rounded discus shape with smooth seamless edges and are graduated in size from 50mm to 140mm diameter.Size: 50mm, 65mm, 80mm, 95mm, 110mm, 125mm and 140mm dia. Having a metal construction makes our Sensory Reflective Buttons highly durable and with a deluxe feel. They are lightweight, smooth and compellingly tactile to handle. The hand finished mirror surface provides a slightly curved and distorted reflection in a variety of colours, which is fascinating for children to observe. Ideal for inspiring creative language, using in imaginative play and constructing fun wobbly stacking towers. Stainless steel is an ideal material for using in sensory play resources: • Chemical free – no toxins • Durable – strong and lightweight • Hygienic – non-porous and naturally bacteria resistant
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