Jolly Phonics Pupils Book 3 2020 Print Colour Edition(Print Letters)

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The Jolly Phonics Pupil Books are write-in pupil books providing fun and engaging lesson activities for young children in their first year of learning to read and write.

Jolly Phonics Pupil Book 3:

Builds and consolidates the reading and writing skills taught in Pupil Books 1 and 2.
Covers three main topics: Alternatives, Tricky Words, and Words and Sentences.
Introduces new alternative letter-sound spellings and tricky words, as well as a variety of reading comprehension activities.
Comes with step-by-step lesson plans and comprehensive support, provided in the Jolly Phonics Teacher’s Book.
This refreshed version of the book is the same as the previous one in terms of core content, but is enhanced with:

A fresh new look in terms of cover and page designs.
Easier navigation in a variety of ways, including colour-coding and contents.
Enhanced transparency in the structure for the corresponding content in The Phonics Handbook.
Alignment of content across the materials for consistency of teaching.

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