What A Wonderful World Book 1 (First Class)

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These revised editions of the popular What a Wonderful World! books for Infants and Junior Classes have been completely redesigned and updated and are presented in a new, vibrant and colourful format.

Each book features an extensive range of relevant exercises and activities which will instil in children an understanding and appreciation of the wonderful world around them.

Carefully-chosen illustrations and photographs, in full colour where appropriate, make these books attractive to pupils, teachers and parents.

The History element in each book fosters an understanding of how people lived in the past and how living conditions have changed through the ages.

The Geography element promotes an understanding of our place in the local area and in the wider world.

The Science element helps us, through questioning and experimenting, to understand the workings of the natural world around us.

  • Ten full-colour Wall Posters for each class
  • Comprehensive Teacher’s Resource Books for each level
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