Chemistry Live! (2nd Edition) (Textbook & Workbook)

Chemistry Live! (2nd Edition) (Textbook & Workbook)

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The second edition of Chemistry Live! (Higher and Ordinary Level) provides a comprehensive, concise and exam-focused interpretation of the Leaving Certificate Chemistry syllabus. Features include:

  • Clearly written, readable style accompanied by diagrams, tables, charts and photographs.
  • Clearly marked Higher Level content.
  • Highlighting of all important definitions and key terms.
  • Full coverage of all 28 mandatory experiments.
  • Worked solutions that show a step-by-step approach to solving problems.
  • Sample answers to past Leaving Certificate exam questions, with emphasis on areas that student find difficult.
  • Comprehensive chapter summaries.


Also available in the Chemistry Live! programme:

For students:

  • Chemistry Live! Workbook
  • Chemistry Live! Student Laboratory Notebook
  • Revise Chemistry Live!
  • Exam Edge Chemistry


For teachers:

A dedicated Chemistry Live! teacher’s website on that includes:

  • online interactive eBooks
  • online Teacher’s Manual including worked solutions to all questions in the textbook and workbook
  • videos of all mandatory experiments and other chemistry-related topics


Chemistry Live! is also available as a student eBook for purchase on

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