Léigh sa Bhaile Leabhar D( new edition)

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This is a NEW edition of Léigh sa Bhaile, a series of Irish language books for primary schools. These books aim to develop reading fluencycomprehension skills and vocabulary development by encouraging daily, independent reading, as well as a special emphasis on speech and conversation each week.

This program fully meets the requirements of the Primary Language Curriculum. Each book consists of 120 unique, single page units. These fresh, vibrant, and modern books are designed to be easily used by teachers, parents, and children at each level.

What’s New about the Léigh sa Bhaile New Edition?

  • Includes a wide range of reading in all the recommended Writing Genres, which are listed in the contents page.
  • These stories give the pupils the opportunity to achieve many of the learning outcomes of the Primary Language Curriculum in a fun and exciting way.
  • Fresh new stories, with fact pieces, poetry, games, recipes, and conversational pieces.
  • The stories adhere closely to the ten themes in the Primary Language Curriculum and relate to the pupil’s own life.
  • Each theme is covered regularly and thoroughly for the age group in question to help the pupils’ progress from year to year.
  • As the Léigh sa Bhaile series is an independent series, it can be used in conjunction with any other programme.
  • A FREE audio reading of each page is available and accessible through a QR Code.
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