Set of 6 Tactile Mini Mats

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From soft as grass to scaly as snakeskin: each of these six Tactile Mini Mats is different - six structures and six colors to explore with your eyes and skin. The mats can be placed on the floor or table or hung on the wall - where children can explore them with their feet or hands. Engages children to touch and describe textures that feel like grass, glitter, sandpaper, plush, snake skin and carpet. These Mini Mats are designed for all little explorers who like to capture their environment with their senses. But it is also suitable for children with tactile perception disorders as they can train their external perception in a safe environment. The coating on the back ensures that the Mini Mats do not slip. The hole in the top edge makes it easy to hang them on the wall.
Each tile measures: 20x25cm.
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